5 factors that hinder meditation

The following 5 items are considered to be obstacles to meditation, and when subdivided into 7 items.

  1. Lust
  2. Malice
  3. Lethargy, sleepiness
  4. Cheating and regret
  5. Doubt

Blocking these mental impulses one by one is the first step in cultivating sati to concentrate in meditation.



Explanation of each item

Lust; includes sexual urges, material desires, desire for self-expression, etc.

Malice: The same goes for malice toward others, malice through words and deeds, and malice through behavior, Also envy.

Lethargy, sleepiness; laziness, passing by without having a firm mindset. Sleepiness is a decline in energy.

Excitement, regret; Expectations and anxiety about the future become exhilaration. Also, attachment to past events causes regret.

Doubt; Doubt about Buddha’s meditation.




How should we deal with these disturbances?

First, you should know wisdom, not ecstasy.
And you will realize that you are being taken advantage of, and you will be able to be grateful for everything.

For example, the satisfaction you get from craving something and getting it.  On the one hand, your feeling of being satisfied with only what is here and now, which is called contentment.  Or to be content with the situation, even under difficult conditions.  That’s one way.

You can also reduce your brain activity by stepping away from your smartphone, which is full of information and community.  If you are not addicted to your smartphone, you should be able to do it.

This alone will bring about a change in your mind.