In the world, there are many businesses outside of the world that sell products on the lines of “increasing concentration and efficiency”.

However, even though it is expensive, the question remains as to how effective it is.

Therefore, if you consider the cost-effectiveness, it can’t be said to be a good strategy.

So, what should we do?

The first point that everyone should pay attention to is “the structure of the brain rather than the method.”

Our brain is divided into cerebral, mid-brain and cerebellum, but according to our activities, the role of each part of the brain is determined. For example, running, dancing, moving the body vigorously cerebellum has a big role in it, and thinking ability to calculate and read books is the role of cerebral.

If you are good at understanding, I think you already know.

To improve concentration is to increase the activity of only a certain part of the brain and lower other parts.

How can we do that?

For example, let’s say you have dinner at a restaurant in Paris with a strict dress code. You concentrate as much as you can. Then, hold the glass with your finger, and pull it back to mouth. Taste the wine that has been poured into mouth.

In the course of this series, did you think of something else, including yourself?

In this way, when you are concentrating on one activity, you don’t think of anything else.

And that focus is making you not yourself.

Just like this, “concentrating only on one activity” when you are meditating is the only key to practicing meditation and continuing.

So, how do you improve concentration?

Before that, please think about one more thing.

When you meditate, what is the enemy?

It’s “delusion”

When you start meditating and your mind becomes calm, the enemy that has been hidden in the depths of your mind until now will appear as a delusion.

If this delusion do not occur, meditation can be easily learned by anyone and can be practiced at any time.

However, the reality is not so sweet.

The enemy that springs up in your heart is “delusion.”

How does that happen?

I will talk about the reason next time.