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As you practice meditation on a daily basis, the most difficult problem is that you cannot self-analyze it because of self-training.
For example, if you request individual guidance from an instructor at a training gym, they will be able to create a menu tailored to your condition. However, if you practice meditation alone at home, you will need to perform self-analysis and create your own meditation menu.

So how would you solve that problem?

The method I recommend is very simple.

Meditation notebook, ballpoint pen

that’s all.

Nothing else is needed.
This notes on your smartphone is not recommended. Rather, it’s important for you to take your hands off your smartphone, which can be considered the first step in practicing meditation.

When you meditate, always keep a “meditation notebook” handy. And before you meditate, you’d first write down the date. Then, both during and after meditation, write down in your notebook any emotions, feelings, anxety, thoughts, regrets, expectations, name of someone etc. that arise in your mind. It doesn’t need any story. Words that you understand by yourself are enough. It doesn’t matter if the content is incomprehensible to others.

In other words, this meditation notebook is an important “Recorder” that keeps a log of your mind. Therefore, forget about the “clean state” of the Diary you have been keeping. Write down everything that comes to your mind without hiding it.

Your logs will accumulate over the course of one month, two months, and three months. Then there will be fewer logs later on than at the beginning.
Also, please check past logs every three months or so. Alternatively, you may want to check it every 6 months or every year. Perhaps when you compare your past logs with your current logs, you will notice that there is a different you.

A decrease in logs is a sign that your mind is becoming quieter through meditation.

Photo (Haneda international Airport; A shopping mall inspired by the streets of the Edo period)